Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ok. so. im sitting at my computer desk. I am eating those wonderful Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes. They sound kinda gross but they are actually really good. I made half a package, so technically im eating two servings of mashed potatoes. *sigh*.

ok so my friend just looked at my blog and told me that my wording was a little harsh. So im sorry if i scared anyone. lol. I just told her that its the truth and the truth isnt always happy and pretty. I dont sugar-coat anything. Lets take a piece of fruit for instance. A lemon. (is that a fruit? yeah i think it is. no im sure it is. ok anyway) the lemon is yellow and nice on the outside, but in the inside, i know its brown and discusting. So if i were to sell that lemon and make a quick buck, (or maybe about 50 cents), the person who bought it would have a bad lemon. and now that im reading this, this story has absolutley NO point whatsoever. plus it doesnt even make snese haha. ok never mind about the fruit.

so yeah anyone who is still reading this, thank you so much. you're awesome.

So i woke up this morning and i had to go teach little kids how to play the saxophone. OMG. it was pretty bad.They couldnt play and i cant explain how to blow into your instrument. gahh it was so hard.

anyone who knows me knows that im completely OBSESSED with my french bulldog, Henri. He is gorgeous i love him. lol i dedicated my whole flickr account to him.
here is it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10288986@N03/

i also have a chihuahua named Lola, but she doesnt like her picture taken. but i love her too.

OK.well thats enough for the next 10 minutes. ill be back to write some more soon. :]

Carly _♥

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